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    Providing expert services to help companies get the most out of Atlassian software

    TechSolCom is your partner for the entire Atlassian suite. From JIRA to Confluence, you can count on us.

  • The Confluence fully integrated social network.

    Turning your Confluence into a full social platform for your organization, Blue adds a playful and Customizable layer to your instance and motivate your troops to interact.

  • Training

    Develop complete knowledge of the Atlassian products, fast.

    Whether you are starting out with Atlassian suite, or an experienced administrator looking to take it to the next level, TechSolCom has a
    training session for you.

TechSolCom, your Atlassian Experts

icon Training and

User and Administrator training will allow you to reduce the learning curve of Atlassian software to the absolute minimum.

icon Installation, Optimization
and Migration

Tap into our proven expertise to easily deploy Atlassian software on your infrastructure, regardless of your environment.

icon Business Issues

Our core expertise is around using JIRA to support your business processes. Forget about using Excel to track work items, you’ll be amazed at the benefits you will generate by using JIRA and working with us.

icon Developing plugins
according to your needs

Use our seasoned Atlassian plugin development team to quickly produce add-ons that bring the missing functionalities you’ve been waiting for.


Powering Collaboration Large and Small Companies
On the difficulty of selling JIRA for non software use cases
I see a huge opportunity in using a tracking tool like JIRA to boost team productivity. As a consultant, I've done several mandates around that theme and the results are always amazing. Yet, I find it difficult to express that value when working on sales opportunities. Fortune Magazine recently published an article about Atlassian, How Atlassian, a favorite with software developers, is redefining business collaboration, and the example it contained shows exactly the challenge I'm dealing with. This blog post will explore that challenge.
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