Why TechSolCom stands out from the crowd


While certain mandates we get are indeed complicated, our goal is to make things simple and to be easy to work with so you will have one less challenge to deal with. Our commitment to you: To be transparent, communicate openly, and do everything in our power to allow you to attain and surpass your objectives.

Your decisions

Even though we know Atlassian software inside out, we believe each organization is unique and that software should adjust to your needs, not the other way around. You can count on us to deliver a solution tailored to your needs, while limiting the amount of customizations that would put you at risk such as not being able to easily upgrade your software. In the end, you will always have the final word… and our advice and guidance to allow you to take the best decisions based on your situation.


For over 5 years, we have been working all over Canada with a wide variety of organizations across virtually every vertical. You can benefit from our rich experience to obtain dramatic results very quickly.

Business Sense

Our team of consultants are not only great technicians; they will also look to understand your business challenges and blend in your corporate culture. While software and IT can make a great difference in your organization, we recognize and accept the fact that in the end it’s all about the people. That is why we dedicate a lot of efforts to change management, in order to provide an all-around positive experience to the people we work with and all the users of the software we deploy. This includes subtle details such as adjusting the amount of technical details we provide depending on who we talk to. We work to represent you well inside and outside your organization.

The Atlassian team

Félix Martineau
Director, Atlassian Practice

Felix Martineau runs the Atlassian Practice at TechSolCom and is a rare blend of deep IT expertise, people skills, and business acumen. While he thinks of himself as a jack-of-all-trades, he has developed a world-class JIRA expertise, and also covers the entire Atlassian portfolio. A recognized player in the Atlassian community, Felix is a regular contributor to top JIRA plugins, and is involved in several JIRA books.

Adrien Devleschoudere
PO, Analyst, Services conseil
After two years in the TechSolCom Atlassian Practice, Adrien specializes in creating plugins and analysis / design Atlassian platforms.

Aleksandar Mincic
Analyst, Services conseil

Aleksandar Mincic joined the TechSolCom Atlassian Practice in January 2014 and specializes in Requirements Gathering, Analysis, JIRA Workflow Design, and overall JIRA Configuration.