JIRA User Training

JIRA is an awesome issue tracker that can be used to achieve visibility on a wide variety of items. This course covers everything JIRA has to offer for regular users. By the time you are done with this course, you will have become a JIRA Power User.

I've been giving this training course for years to people ranging from people who had never used JIRA before to people with several years of JIRA experience, and everyone learned a great deal.

What's a JIRA Power User?

You become a JIRA Power User when you know exactly what you can get out JIRA and how to get it as fast as possible. You understand how the tool works and you know how to leverage its strengths and how to go around its weaknesses.

But ultimately, for me a JIRA Power User is someone who knows how to Create Awesome Dashboards by knowing how Leverage Search Filters. They Use Keyboard Shortcuts to navigate very quickly in JIRA.


A live interactive class with a seasoned JIRA Expert. Ask questions, get answers.


An online course you can follow at your own place.


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