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Lumbergh is back!!! Check out this hilarious series of HipChat commercials starring none other than Gary Cole, reprising his role as Bill Lumbergh from the 1999 cult classic Office Space.

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Hi everyone, today we’re continuing our how-to series (last was How to make Confluence post to HipChat) for the productive (yes yes, a chat tool can be productive) and powerful software HipChat, this post will show you its integration with the continuous integration server Jenkins.

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Today I want to pick up where we left each other at the end of my previous blog post The 5 things new HipChat users need to know. Hopefully you've had a chance to try HipChat and realized just how awesome it is.

For this entry, we will focus on how to make Confluence automatically post in HipChat when something happens.

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So you're starting out with HipChat and you want to know how to become a Power User. Well you've come to the right place. Check these five tips out:

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