TechSolCom, your Atlassian expert

Business issues management

Bring visibility to your business issues and on your team’s workload. If you are using Excel spreadsheets to follow-up on work items, we can help you become more efficient and improve productivity. We’ll work together to define your business processes, setup relevant dashboards, as well as putting in place automated reminders and issue escalation rules. Your will be able to track business issues in real-time.

Training and support

Atlassian Software is very flexible by design and this flexibility brings a certain complexity to configuration. Our experts can provide tailored training based on your specific needs, and the participants will quickly be on their way to becoming power-users or administrators. Discover the best practices and anti-patterns to avoid, based on real examples we have experienced. It is definitely the fastest way to train experts in your company.

Installation, moving or merging instances

Tap into our expertise to install your instances based on your needs and your infrastructure requirements. We have installed more than 100 Atlassian instances of varying sizes, in a wide array of environments (Linux, Windows) and connected to different databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL). We have completed several instance migrations from one environment to another or even to and from the Cloud. You can also count on us to take on your instance merging projects.


In partnership with OVH, we offer hosting solutions specifically designed for JIRA and Confluence. We fully manage the infrastructure and daily administration of your tools. With all the benefits of a hosted platform but with the flexibility of traditional software, this service is an relevant alternative to Atlassian OnDemand and OnPremise solutions.

Plugin and custom connector development

We can develop add-ons that will fill in the missing functionalities you need to add to Atlassian Software. We can also build custom connectors to allow JIRA to talk with your CRM or ERP, instead of manually having to move data back and forth between systems.


Use our deep knowledge of the Atlassian licencing model to make sure you have the right licence-tier for your instances. This can lead to important savings, not only because smaller licence-tiers are cheaper, but also because commercial plugins must have a licence that matches the application where they are installed. We can also help you consolidate all your licences on one yearly invoice in the currency of your choice.