I see a huge opportunity in using a tracking tool like JIRA to boost team productivity. As a consultant, I've done several mandates around that theme and the results are always amazing. Yet, I find it difficult to express that value when working on sales opportunities. Fortune Magazine recently published an article about Atlassian, How Atlassian, a favorite with software developers, is redefining business collaboration, and the example it contained shows exactly the challenge I'm dealing with. This blog post will explore that challenge.

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In a previous post, we covered how to use "calculated custom fields" to display information not available by default in JIRA. See my post about how to Improve JIRA dashboards by showing the last issue comment. I hope you've been exploring all the possibilities offered by wonderful (and free!) Kepler Custom Fields plugin. Today I want to bring forth an important detail when using these custom fields.

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One of the long standing shortcomings of JIRA is the inability to limit which resolutions are available to which projects or issue types. The same problem is present for Priorities as well. While this problem is being tracked in the issue JRA-3821 Priorities per Project and Resolutions per Issue Type, Atlassian said on November 5 2014 it would not be resolving this problem anytime soon. That's where I come in Cool

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As Atlassian Experts, we are also authorized resellers of Atlassian Licenses, which includes all the plugins on the Atlassian Marketplace. Every now and then, someone will ask us how to update a plugin license, which is not super obvious. Here is how to do it, and this will work for pretty much any Atlassian application, because they all use the Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager.

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JIRA is a wonderful solution and flexibility is definitely one of its strongest attributes, but with that flexibility comes risk of losing control. JIRA Administrators must always be careful to avoid going down the path of over customization or having too many plugins. In this post, we'll look at examples of requests you might get and explain why should put the brakes on them.

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