I installed the JIRA Charting Plugin on a JIRA 6.3.4 local instance, and then I added a Workload Pie Chart gadget to a dashboard. I was left with this error:


Indexing is currently not configured so no issue searching can be performed. Please configure indexing.

After a little research, I was able to find the solution. Here it is:

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The JIRA query language (JQL) is a great feature in JIRA. It's used to find issues based on search queries. Although JQL is a language unique to JIRA, it's pretty easy to learn and use even for non technical users like myself. Like every query Language, some words are reserved to JQL and cannot be used in queries like standard words.

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In my previous post, Unleash the real power of JIRA with SIL, the Simple Issue Language, I explained why I loved SIL so much and provided a few examples as well. Today, we'll get you started with SIL by explaining how to install the JJupin and showing you all the functionalities provided by the plugin.

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I'm starting a series of article on the Simple Issue Language, a.k.a. SIL, which is a scripting language for JIRA that is developed by my good friends at Kepler Rominfo. SIL is available in several plugins, and it will completely change the way you use JIRA. Keep reading and I will show you how.

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JIRA's watch feature is great, as it allows other people to opt-in for notifications. I like to use it my notifications schemes all the time. But there is one potential problem in doing that. This post will show you hopw to turn off the autowatch issues for all users.

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