153 words that will break your JIRA JQL searches

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153 words that will break your JIRA JQL searches

The JIRA query language (JQL) is a great feature in JIRA. It's used to find issues based on search queries. Although JQL is a language unique to JIRA, it's pretty easy to learn and use even for non technical users like myself. Like every query Language, some words are reserved to JQL and cannot be used in queries like standard words.


In order to use these words in a query, you have to put the word in a single (') or double (") quotation mark.

For example, if you are searching for issues in a project named transaction, you would have to write the query this way:

project = "'transaction'".


For more information on JQL and advanced searching in JIRA visit: 


Here is the list of JQL reserved words:

"abort", "access", "add", "after", "alias", "all", "alter", "and", "any", "as", "asc", "audit", "avg", "before", "begin", "between", "boolean", "break", "by", "byte", "catch", "cf", "char", "character", "check", "checkpoint", "collate", "collation", "column", "commit", "connect", "continue", "count", "create", "current", "date", "decimal", "declare", "decrement", "default", "defaults", "define", "delete", "delimiter", "desc", "difference", "distinct", "divide", "do", "double", "drop", "else", "empty", "encoding", "end", "equals", "escape", "exclusive", "exec", "execute", "exists", "explain", "false", "fetch", "file", "field", "first", "float", "for", "from", "function", "go", "goto", "grant", "greater", "group", "having", "identified", "if", "immediate", "in", "increment", "index", "initial", "inner", "inout", "input", "insert", "int", "integer", "intersect", "intersection", "into", "is", "isempty", "isnull", "join", "last", "left", "less", "like", "limit", "lock", "long", "max", "min", "minus", "mode", "modify", "modulo", "more", "multiply", "next", "noaudit", "not", "notin", "nowait", "null", "number", "object", "of", "on", "option", "or", "order", "outer", "output", "power", "previous", "prior", "privileges", "public", "raise", "raw", "remainder", "rename", "resource", "return", "returns", "revoke", "right", "row", "rowid", "rownum", "rows", "select", "session", "set", "share", "size", "sqrt", "start", "strict", "string", "subtract", "sum", "synonym", "table", "then", "to", "trans", "transaction", "trigger", "true", "uid", "union", "unique", "update", "user", "validate", "values", "view", "when", "whenever", "where", "while", "with"


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