How to disable autowatch issues by default in JIRA

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How to disable autowatch issues by default in JIRA

JIRA's watch feature is great, as it allows other people to opt-in for notifications. I like to use it my notifications schemes all the time. But there is one potential problem in doing that. This post will show you hopw to turn off the autowatch issues for all users.

You see, JIRA has a autowatch issues feature that is turned on for all users by default. This means users automatically become watchers when they create an issue, edit an issue, post a comment, or do any other update. Depending on how your notification scheme is setup for a particular project, you might be sending notifications to users that don't care for them.

For example, imagine a business user that creates some issue and thus becomes a watcher. Well, maybe all they care about is finding out when the issue is resolved, or if a comment has been added. Thanks (or no thanks!) to the JIRA autowatch feature, they start getting notified all the time. This is especially true if you use the Default Notification Scheme that ships with JIRA. (Protip: Don't use the Default Notification Scheme... ever!)

I personally think the Watch feature of JIRA is good for people who want to opt-in, but it should be a manual opt-in.

How to disable autowatch globally in JIRA

Note: Only available in JIRA 5.2.2 and later

As a JIRA administrator, (1) go to the User Management section, then (2) click on User Preferences, and (3) click on Edit default Values.


(1) Un-check the Autowatch own issues, click (2) Update and you're done!


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