How to install a new JIRA or Confluence plugin license

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How to install a new JIRA or Confluence plugin license

As Atlassian Experts, we are also authorized resellers of Atlassian Licenses, which includes all the plugins on the Atlassian Marketplace. Every now and then, someone will ask us how to update a plugin license, which is not super obvious. Here is how to do it, and this will work for pretty much any Atlassian application, because they all use the Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager.

What you'll need:

  • The new license you just bought
  • Administrator access to the application where the plugin is installed

Step-by-step guide:

First, you'll need to go in the Manage Add-ons page of the Administration section of the application. If you're on JIRA, you can use the "g g" keyboard shortcut and just type Manage add-ons. (The period key also works as a shortcut)


Accessing "Manage add-ons" in JIRA


On Confluence, you'll need to access the Add-ons page from the Administration menu, top right corner, by clicking on the gear icon.


Accessing "Manage add-ons" in Confluence

Once you're on the Manage Add-ons page:

  • Locate the plugin for which you have a new license
  • Click on the entry to expand it
  • By expanding it, you'll see the old license, or just a text box if there was no licenses before
  • If there is an old license, click on the pencil icon next to it to reveal the text box
  • Paste your new license in the text box
  • Click on Update
  • You're done!

Here's an example on how to update the JIRA Agile License in JIRA:


 Click on the image to enlarge it

Need help with those licenses?

Do not hesitate to contact us about purchasing licenses for Atlassian products and plugins. For renewals, we can synchronize the end date of the support period for all your licenses. We accept Purchase Orders and can invoice you in the currency of your choice. 

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