How to limit Issue Resolutions per Workflow in JIRA

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How to limit Issue Resolutions per Workflow in JIRA

One of the long standing shortcomings of JIRA is the inability to limit which resolutions are available to which projects or issue types. The same problem is present for Priorities as well. While this problem is being tracked in the issue JRA-3821 Priorities per Project and Resolutions per Issue Type, Atlassian said on November 5 2014 it would not be resolving this problem anytime soon. That's where I come in Cool

Yes it's true, there's no such thing as an Issue Type Resolution Scheme in JIRA. Sorry. On the other hand, it is fairly easy to limit which resolutions are available in a workflow transition. Let's see how it works:

What you'll need:

  • JIRA Administrator Access
  • A workflow
  • A transition that uses a screen where the Resolution field is present
  • (Bonus) Make sure Resolution is not hidden by a Field Configuration

Step-by-Step Guide:

Access your workflow from the JIRA Administration section, make sure you're in Draft mode or working on an Inactive Workflow.

Let's pretend I wish to limit which resolutions appear in a transition called Close.

I select that transition, and then I click on the View Properties button.


Click on the image for larger version

Next you'll need to add a property called jira.field.resolution.include

For its value, you need to enter the actual id of each transition you wish to include. For example:  1,2,10000

How to find the id of a resolution?

Great question! Although I've been expecting it... To find the id of a resolution, you need to go in the Resolutions page of JIRA Administration, then place your mouse cursor on the Edit link corresponding to the resolution for which you'd like to see the id. After a second or two, lo and behold, the resolution id appears in your browser's address bar.


Click on the image for larger version

Now you're ready to add the property, and don't forget to click on Add, and eventually publish your draft.


Click on the image for larger version

Done !

Now, this is not exactly the same as the eventual Issue Type Resolution Scheme we'll get, but with a little work you'll get the same result. If this is your first time using JIRA Transition Properties, know there is much more you can do with these properties. Enjoy!

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