JIRA sends way too many emails and how to fix it

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JIRA sends way too many emails and how to fix it

You've been using JIRA for a while and it keeps sending emails all the time, essentially spamming your inbox with notifications. I see that frequently when I work with an organization that has been using JIRA for some time... to a point where users have setup email filters to redirect ALL JIRA email to their trash folder, which is a great catastrophe if you ask me.

Well today I'm going to teach you how to solve that problem once and for all!

First, some background information

The thing you need  to know about JIRA is it uses several different Schemes to control how a particular project will behave. For example, you'll projects for tracking software development, and other projects for operational task. I won't go into too much details about schemes today, for now you need to know that your email problem is controlled by the Notification Schemes.


You must be a JIRA administrator to perform this guide.


1. Access the JIRA Administration Issues section


2. Click on Notification Schemes in the left column


3. Here you may have any number of Notification Schemes. You should aim to fix them all, one by one. I'd go for the Default Notification Scheme first. Select a Notification Scheme by clicking on it... you may also click on the Notifications link that corresponds to the Scheme you wish to change. These two options arepresented by A and B on the image below.


4. Now you're looking at JIRA events VS "who gets notified". As a reference, here is how the Default Notification Scheme is setup on a new JIRA:


This is bad, because regardless of the event, it is always notifying the Reporter, Assignee, and Watchers

In my opinion, the big problem is definitely notifying people on the Issue Updated event. Great idea in theory, but in practice, JIRA will send an email EVERY TIME an issue is updated, even for a meaningless changed like adding a coma in the description (Yikes!)

5. You'll want to do is to remove everyone from the Issue Updated event by clicking on Delete next to the recipient of the notification.


By removing all the Issue Updated notifications, you've probably solved 99% of all your JIRA notification problems. I encourage you to now look at all the events and determine you should be notified. Don't forget your other Notification Schemes!

Closing Remarks

JIRA notifications can be extremely useful if they are used well and in limited quantity. Unfortunately, the default configuration for email notifications send WAY too many emails, to a point where most people will simply dismiss JIRA emails altogether, which is a among the great tragedies of our time.

Now you know how to fix it... please do it now!

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  • Invité
    Denis Boisvert jeudi, 18 septembre 2014

    Great post. It is a big issue for people. If they get too many e-mail, they just deleted them without reading them. Something it could be something VERY important coming from JIRA and they will not even read it.

  • TechSolCom
    TechSolCom jeudi, 23 octobre 2014

    Hey Denis, glad you liked it :)

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