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I installed the JIRA Charting Plugin on a JIRA 6.3.4 local instance, and then I added a Workload Pie Chart gadget to a dashboard. I was left with this error:


Indexing is currently not configured so no issue searching can be performed. Please configure indexing.

After a little research, I was able to find the solution. Here it is:

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A quick way to improve your Filter Results gadgets in JIRA dashboards or in the Issue Navigator is to include a column that shows the last comment. Today I will provide a SIL (Simple Issue Language) recipe to do just that. 

This recipe addresses a limitation of JIRA where it is not possible to show the last issue comment. This limitation is being tracked on Atlassian's public JIRA site with key JRA-2734.

Disclaimer: This recipe involves scripting, which is curretnly not possible with JIRA OnDemand. See Restricted Functions in Atlassian OnDemand for more info.

Another Disclaimer: You could also purchase the CCC Last Comment plugin, but why buy countless plugins when you can do a tons of great things with one or two plugins. Plus what I'm about to show you gives you much more flexibility.

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