I'm starting a series of article on the Simple Issue Language, a.k.a. SIL, which is a scripting language for JIRA that is developed by my good friends at Kepler Rominfo. SIL is available in several plugins, and it will completely change the way you use JIRA. Keep reading and I will show you how.

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Hi everyone, today we’re continuing our how-to series (last was How to make Confluence post to HipChat) for the productive (yes yes, a chat tool can be productive) and powerful software HipChat, this post will show you its integration with the continuous integration server Jenkins.

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JIRA's watch feature is great, as it allows other people to opt-in for notifications. I like to use it my notifications schemes all the time. But there is one potential problem in doing that. This post will show you hopw to turn off the autowatch issues for all users.

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So you're starting out with HipChat and you want to know how to become a Power User. Well you've come to the right place. Check these five tips out:

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JIRA 6.2 came out on February 25th 2014 and everyone wants to know what are the new features. Here are some of the key features that are available.

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A quick way to improve your Filter Results gadgets in JIRA dashboards or in the Issue Navigator is to include a column that shows the last comment. Today I will provide a SIL (Simple Issue Language) recipe to do just that. 

This recipe addresses a limitation of JIRA where it is not possible to show the last issue comment. This limitation is being tracked on Atlassian's public JIRA site with key JRA-2734.

Disclaimer: This recipe involves scripting, which is curretnly not possible with JIRA OnDemand. See Restricted Functions in Atlassian OnDemand for more info.

Another Disclaimer: You could also purchase the CCC Last Comment plugin, but why buy countless plugins when you can do a tons of great things with one or two plugins. Plus what I'm about to show you gives you much more flexibility.

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